Ride on the best motocross tracks Southern California has to offer

Southern California has some of the best tracks in the world. Below gives you details of some of the tracks that you could ride as part of your MX Dreams California vacation package.

Cahuilla Creek MX

This track offers 3 tracks to choose from main, vet , pw. The main track is about mile long with plenty of natural elevation changes, jumps and whoops and primarily consists of loamy soil and sand.

Glen Helen Raceway

The world famous Glen Helen is sandy with lots of elevation  and the biggest up and down hills you will ride on a motocross track, some awesome jumps on track too. Has an amateur track and a PW track. Many top Pros can be seen training here.

Lake Elsinore Motorsport Park 

Lake Elsinore Motorsport Park caters for beginner to pro riders. This facility has 6 different tracks – Pro track, amateur track, Vet track, Supercross Pro track and kids tracks. A great facility to ride at with Table Tops, Doubles, Triples and Rollers.

Perris Raceway

Perris Raceway is the oldest track in California. Perris Raceway has some of the best dirt in SoCal and the turns rut up real nice while the jumps are fun, Table Tops , Doubles , Triples. Its also the home for night riding in SoCal. Also has a vet track.

Fox Raceway

Fox Raceway is fun and fast flowing circuit with loamy soil, whoops , triples , doubles. some awesome up and down hill jump. with a further 2 tracks amateur and kids.


Located in what once was a quarry it has two awesome tracks main and vet. Both tracks have table tops , triples , doubles , elevation changes whoop lines. Sandy based.